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Duplicate the Exact Steps Used to Get a Number 1 Yahoo Ranking in Less than 30 Days

If you have ever been into a McDonalds you will understood the value of the Cookie Cutter Model. Every McDonalds you go in are the Same. The Kitchen's are laid out identically, the procedures from everything to checking the toilet paper to ordering Hamburgers are all Laid out in detail. Have you ever seen a McDonalds go out of business. McDonalds is like a legal cash printing press. If you have a Good Formula you just repeat it over and over again.

Search Engine Rankings are the Same. Once you Crack the Code, Once you find the Formula, Once you know the Cookie Cutter, Simply repeat the Steps over and over again with different Niche Markets and Different Products. Now you can Duplicate the Exact Steps used to get a Number 1 Yahoo Ranking in less then 30 Days and Beat out T.on.y R.obb.ins.

The Yahoo Search Engine returns about 1/3 of all Search Results on the Internet. Clearly if you could achieve a Top Ranking in Yahoo for some relatively Popular Keyword Phrase your Web Page should see a Fair amount of traffic. Yahoo Tells you exactly what they want so why not give it to them

According to Yahoo here is what they want you to do to get a High Search Engine Ranking http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/ysearch/basics/basics-18.html

Pages Yahoo! Wants Included in its Index

  • Original and unique content of genuine value
  • Pages designed primarily for humans, with search engine considerations secondary
  • Hyperlinks intended to help people find interesting, related content, when applicable
  • Metadata (including title and description) that accurately describes the contents of a web page
  • Good web design in general
Unfortunately, not all web pages contain information that is valuable to a user. Some pages are created deliberately to trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant or poor-quality search results; this is often called "spam." Yahoo! does not want these pages in the index.

In the Same Help Section Yahoo Tells you what it does not want. The List of what Yahoo Does Not Want is Somewhat larger then what it wants.

What Yahoo! Considers Unwanted Some, but not all, examples of the more common types of pages that Yahoo! does not want include: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/ysearch/basics/basics-18.html

  • Pages that harm accuracy, diversity or relevance of search results
  • Pages dedicated to directing the user to another page
  • Pages that have substantially the same content as other pages
  • Sites with numerous, unnecessary virtual hostnames
  • Pages in great quantity, automatically generated or of little value
  • Pages using methods to artificially inflate search engine ranking
  • The use of text that is hidden from the user
  • Pages that give the search engine different content than what the end-user sees
  • Excessively cross-linking sites to inflate a site's apparent popularity
  • Pages built primarily for the search engines
  • Misuse of competitor names
  • Multiple sites offering the same content
  • Pages that use excessive pop-ups, interfering with user navigation
  • Pages that seem deceptive, fraudulent or provide a poor user experience

Step 1 Use Keywords or keyword Phrases in the Title

Make sure your Title that accurately reflects the contents of your Web Page, Make Sure you use the Target KeyWords or Keyword Phrases in the Title. Make sure you place your Title between the Title /Title tags in your Header

Step 2 Place Your Title Prominently on your Web Page

Place The Exact Same Title from your Title Meta Tag at the very Top of your Page between H1 and /h1 Tags. With very few exceptions your Page Title in the Header Tag should be identical to your Title Meta-Tag.

Where it makes sense you should place your Keyword or Keyword Phrases in h2 or h3 in Subtitle Blocks throughout your web Page as Sub Headings

Step 3 Limit the Quantity of Keyword or keyword Phrases Per page

It is best to pick one keyword or Phrase per page and concentrate on it. You should target a Keyword Density of about 3%. http://www.organicseo.org/Choosing_Your_Target_keywords

Step 4 Have some Useful Content about your Keyword or Keyword Phrase

You need to have some useful content. Search engines are getting much smarter about Robotic Page Writers. One rule of thumb is don't place anything on your web Page you Don't want to read Yourself. The Ideal Web Page is a "Perfect Balance" between Human Readability and Search Engine Friendly KeyWord Rich content.

Step 5 Links Related to Your Keyword or Keyword Phrase

Use Links either to related Content in your own web Pages or to External Pages. If you do link to an External Page Send the Web Master of that Page a Note telling him that you linked to him and asking for a Link Back. Make sure to use your Keyword or Phrase in anchor text for these Links

Step 6 Make Your Keyword or Keyword Phrase Stand Out

As you use your Keyword or Phrase in your Web Page do something to make it stand out, Bold the Font or Make the Font Bigger.

Step 7 Use the Description Meta-Tag

Yahoo states that they want to see a Description Meta Tag that accurately reflects the content on your Page, Your Description should be between 100 and 150 Characters in length. Find some Text near the Top of your Web Page that Describes it accurately. Any Well written web page should have some text near the top that explains what is on the rest of the Page

Step 8 Link Partners

You do want some Links from External Sources to your Web Page. http://www.createafreewebsite.net/finding-link-partners.html

Step 9 Under Promise and Over Deliver

Make sure you have other web pages closely related to your Keyword Phrase. You can either create these yourself or find 5 or 10 Articles related to your page and Post then on your Web Page.

Super User Tip:

If you do re post the article of someone else do something to make it different. Don't change the Article itself as they would violate the Terms of use. Add a Short Paragraph before the Article telling why you like it or why it is related to your theme. Add a Short Blurb after the article with some related links.

Step 10 Create a Mini Site Digest

Build a Web Page that lists all the Web Pages that are Related. So if your Web Page is about Real Estate you may have a Group of Pages about the Following Topics

  • Buying a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • Investment Property
  • Loans and Trust Deeds
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Decorating
Create a Site Digest for each of the Above Topics.

As proof of how well the above steps works I achieved a #1 Ranking in Yahoo for the Phrase 'life mastery 2006' without the Quotes T.on.y R.obb.ins was actually #3. Go ahead do the search see if an ewguru Page appears at the top spot.

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